Fiscal Cliff Investing – Strategies for Investment Protection


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The US economy is in a precarious situation. We have run up a national debt of over $16 Trillion and need to reign in spending. Before raising the debt ceiling in in the summer of 2011, Congress passed a series of laws to increase taxes and reduce spending.

But if we cut back on spending, we will damage the fragile economy. As a result of the laws that will take effect on January 1, 2013, the Congressional Budget Office predicts unemployment will rise from 8% to 9%, and throw the economy off a Fiscal Cliff into a recession.

Fiscal Cliff Investing outlines the problem in easy-to-understand language. It then gives specific guidance on how to time the market, and then provides suggestions protect your long-term investments and protect your 401k in the face of a stock market downturn.

Don’t get sucked into the buy-and-hold laziness again. It has provided for negative investment returns for more than a decade. You need investment plans that provide portfolio protection using various types of investments. Fiscal Cliff Investing describes investing strategies that will prepare you for the coming calamity.

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